AErmolenko DESIGN

For over a decade, Anastasia Ermolenko has been successfully providing interior design services  and consulting for private clients in different countries.  

She has been sharing her love,  passion and vision  in following arias of home decoration:

  • Furniture Layout and Space planning;
  • Shopping Trips for furniture, accessories, fabrics, art, light, etc;
  • Art Consultancy and assistance with decoration;
  • Sourcing of  modern and antique art objects (furniture, sculptures,     paintings, photographs, pottery);
  • Using vintage pieces of furniture and art in modern interiors;
  • Antique Furniture restoration and re-upholstery;
  • Interior Detailing;
  • Finish Selections and Specifications
  • Lighting Design ;
  • Bathroom Design;
  • Custom Furniture Design; 
  • Children’s Spaces;
  • Project Coordination and Integration with Architect and Contractor